Kitchens & Baths

photo (9) Where does everybody entertain? The kitchen! In fact, you can’t keep guests out of the kitchen. Where does the family meet everyday? The kitchen! From the morning breakfast, to the after work welcome home hug, tell me about your day honey, kind of thing. The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. Maybe that’s why 2.5 million kitchens are remodeled every year that are still perfectly functional.

But hey! Who cares about functional. Now that homeowners stay in their homes 12.5 years on average, many people are fixing up their homes, not for resale but for the way they want to live.

Maybe now is the time to replace aging appliances with new ones. Some kitchens built in the fifties and before didn’t come with dishwashers. Now would be a great time to make room in the cabinet layout to build one in.. Perhaps up to date looking cabinets with better storage and room for a microwave oven built in. Replacing old worn laminate counters with new ones would look so nice. As you look down, you think it would be nice to do something with the floors. Perhaps a new faucet.


photo (19)How old is your bathroom? How long should it last? Could I change it to make it nicer? Can I add a fan, a plug for my hair dryer, What about clear glass in the shower?

How many years can you expect out the products in your bathroom.?
Bathtub – 50 years cast iron,  fiberglass/acrylic, 15-35 years.
Counter top – ceramic tile, 30 years, laminate, 10-15 years,
Paint –  5-10 years,
Carpet – 11 years,
Drywall – 30-70 years

Can you make changes to make it better? Yes you can. A decade ago homeowners stayed in their homes an average of 7 years, now the average is 12.5 years. Many people are staying in their homes and fixing them up the way “they” want it.