Looking to finally finish your naked basement? No problem. We offer quick and accurate estimates for all remodeling jobs throughout the house. Solid Construction Services can easily handle any commercial site as well.

* Framing

We do whatever it takes to keep project deadlines to a bare minimum. As such, we only use the newest and most effective tools to construct metal framing for commercial or office buildings with ease.

* Drywall Installation/Wall Repair

Our specialty. We put up drywall as if it were second nature, keeping time an important factor for both the company and the customer. If water has become a problem even on a small section of wall, no fix is too small or large. Watch as an old room becomes young again with fresh slabs of white Drywall.

* Taping

We make sure every inch of drywall is perfectly covered with taping so as to avoid all bumps and sags. Any flaw in this process (highly unlikely) and we will redo the process.

* Sanding

The finishing touch to the perfect walls. We will sand every corner and crevice of drywall to achieve the finest surface possible.

* Paint

We top it all off with our excellent painting service. From the primer to the color, we will bring your rooms alive with your own creativity.


Is something on your mind that may not be on the above list? No problem. Any common house remodeling service such as flooring, painting, cleaning, design, etc., and our company will effortlessly adjust to our customer’s needs. We have plenty of experience in the above services and are willing to accommodate any customer with no questions asked.