Cedar Roofing

Cedar Shingles turn to an attractive, soft silvery-gray as they weather.

Few building materials are as naturally beautiful and architecturally versatile as cedar shakes and shingles. They are lightweight, durable, and perfectly suited for resilience in extreme climates. Just as important, they have a unique aesthetic and environmental appeal that many builders, designers, and homeowners are looking for.

Cedar shakes and shingles have been around for hundreds of years, but the quality and performance achieved through continual improvements in production and treatment might surprise you. Cedar shingles are renowned for their insulation qualities, dimensional stability and natural resistance to the elements.

Our long-standing relationships with the finest cedar mills in the Northwest enable us to bring you the most attractive, longest-lasting cedar roofing products available. Cedar Roofing comes in three different grades.

At Solid Construction Services we only install heavy butt 5/4 Certified #1 Grade Prime Cut Cedar Shake Shingles Рyour best choice in material available.  We can also get the cedar shingles  fireproofed if they client desires.

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